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        Lear Corporation, a global leader in automotive seating and e-systems, is ranked #148 on the Fortune 500 with world-class products designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of talented employees. Our vision is to be consistently recognized as the supplier of choice, an employer of choice, the investment of choice and a pany that supports the munities where we do business.

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        From concept to reality

        Defining the future of the

        driving experience.

        We're continually working to change the way people think about and engage with their vehicles. Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for drivers and manufacturers alike.

        View Lear Trends



        As one of the world’s only fully integrated manufacturers of the entire seat, we deliver quality from ponents to the plete seat to every major automaker around the world. We execute programs in vehicle segments and platforms that bring to bear our many decades of experience and higher quality craftsmanship that bines the tradition of excellence that built our business and today’s modern technology.

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        Lear’s growth and first-to-market advances in the automotive industry’s electrical segment result from a daily dedication to anticipating the needs of tomorrow and a plete customer focus upon which we built our reputation.

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        165000 employees

        257 facilities

        39 countries

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